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masking servicesOverview: We offer full masking services including high temperature masking.

Tape Masking: Regular tape masking can be undertaken to customer specification using specialist tape for excellent line definition.

High Temperature Masking: Specialist tape is used for coatings that require heat curing. High temperature masking tapes are suited for temperature regimes of up to 160°C.

Caps & Plugs: Caps & plugs are available for masking both threaded components and through holes, ideal for protecting threads, flange & joint faces and earthing points.

Specialist Masking: A range of other tools including cord, sheets and tubing as well as custom laser cut self adhesive masking profiles can be made available for difficult features such as grooves and slots as well as masking tube for wire and bar components.

Duel Finishing: Certain coatings are conducive to duel finishing which can be undertaken to customer specification.

Design Considerations: Should you be at the design stage of a component that requires specialist finishing, including complex masking, it is worth consulting with us first in order that you can undertake your design so as to require the minimum of specialist masking. Masking can add a considerable cost to the finishing process, a cost which can often be reduced at the design stage.

masking services

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