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Quality Control

Overview: We offer a range of quality control procedures from visual inspection through to surface thickness testing, cross hatch adhesion testing, and corrosion resistance depending upon your particular requirements.

Visual Inspection: Visual inspection takes place at every stage of the process from receipt of goods and unpacking through pretreatment, coating, a dedicated inspection process and packaging. The objective of visual inspection is to spot bubbles, smears and other blemishes.

Surface Thickness: Dry surface thickness measurement of coatings can be undertaken electronically with a surface thickness probe capable of measuring surface thickness to an accuracy of ±0.01µm.

quality controlCross Hatching: Cross hatching the surface coating with 1mm squares and checking for adhesion can be carried out using statistical procedures for each batch.

Other Mechanical Tests: Other mechanical tests include the 6mm mandrel bend to BS 3900 E1 which should result in no loss of adhesion, an impact test to BS 3900 E7 and the pencil hardness test.

Salt Spray Testing: Salt spray testing can be undertaken to determine corrosion resistance to a scribed sample.

Other Corrosion Tests: Other corrosion tests include humidity to BS 3900 F9 and water soaking at 40 deg C, both for 1000 hours.

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